Meet our Team


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Diana is a very familiar face around Pocketsaver and Flawsome! She has worked at Pocketsaver for 9 years and at Flawsome for 3 years. She has always loved working and visiting consignment stores to find unique items and to save money. One of her favorite things to do while working is to put together our amazing window displays. She also loves helping customers shop outside of their “box” and seeing the genuine smile they feel in their new beautiful selections. Having years of retail experience, working at Pocketsaver was a great transition into working in a different side of the business. Helping someone feel amazing, regardless of age, shape or size is so rewarding. Her style is comfortable & practical while adding in accessories to pull it all together. She absolutely loves Autumn, when the weather cools and sweaters and jackets come out! Stop in and say hello to Diana and ask her about her new, adorable puppy Choncho! 


Stay tuned for bio. 


Barbara has been apart of our team for almost 2 years now and we couldn’t go about our week without her. If you have consigned items at Pocketsaver, you most likely have had the pleasure to have meaningful conversation with her while she processes your items. She brings a smile to everyone’s face! She loves working and shopping consignment because it’s like a treasure hunt, you never know what unique items you will find. Her style is all about comfort with a pop of color. She recently got a new puppy and is navigating this learning experience, but is loving every moment of it! Stop in and say hello to Barbara and spark a conversation with her!